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June 15, 2005



Collins is not serving 9 consecutive life terms.. he was only convicted on 1 murder. He is in Marquette, MI


Nice story on the Coed Killer John Norman Collins. John Norman Collins was only convicted of killing Karen Sue Beineman. The house where the hair fragments and paint/blood patches belonged to his Uncle a local Michigan State Police Officer. JNC is still wanted for a murder commited in California. He is serving life without parole but not 9 consecutive life sentences. I have a post on my blog about JNC this month too. You might like to see it here

Mollie Wilson

Hi. This is interesting. I was at EMU during those years and it was a frightening place. All coeds from Ann Arbor to Ypsilanti were warned not to be alone but sometimes it could not be helped. I recall information about body parts being found in JNC house, like ovaries. He did disgusting horrid things to women. We were told he draped the bodies over grave markers. I was cut with my own life I carried for safety! He was known locally on campus by lots of people whether a student or not. Everyone seemed to have a JNC story. There was really not much help for the girls on campus during those years. It was easy at EMU to enter a dorm because there were no locks and pizza delivery always came knocking,Dominos was invented in Ypsilanti.I worked at Buell Hall and sign ins and outs were not enforced. EMU was a nice campus with many hidden areas off Washtenaw Avenue. I hope they don't let him out...ever.


I would like to talk to someone about the John Collins case. My rapist looked just like him and bragged about going to Ann Arbor all the time,and asked after the rape who I thought the serial killer was!
It occurred the same week they arrested JNC.
I believe due to the position of my rapist, in society, they couldn't prosecute him, so they got someone who looked just like him.
I would like to talk to JNC, but I am afraid to. The DNA testing was not done back then. Why don't they run the DNA now on the their specimens and see if they match. Certainly, sperm was keeped which could prove JNC's innocence at least for all of the murders. My rapist is still alive and they could get his DNA also, if they really wanted to prove anything. I would think JNC would have requested this by now anyways. I was put on a the witness protection program back then because the things that were done to me were similar to what was done to the victims.
I wish his attorney would talk with me.

Larry Salliotte

I was a Theta Chi, pledge brother and John's roommate during the years of 1967 thru 1969. I kept close watch on all of the details of his capture and incarceration and was visited by the FBI, Gene Ward, for a long time.

Gregory A. Fournier

Do you still want to talk to someone? I'm working on a book about the Collins years. I have been looking for rape survivors and may have some information of interest to you.

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