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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Gates Come Down

Location: Central Park on 03/02/05 @ 8:14:14 AM

This is a photo of the deconstruction of the Gates in central park. You are looking at the steel base as it's being unassembled. Someone told me that they saw one of bolts being sold on eBay and I guess it went for 8K. Wonder what a handful of nuts would go for?

Christo and Jean-Claude's Gates took 26 years from conception to final execution, cost Christo 21 million dollars to build and was only up for 16-day exhibition. 4 million people came to Central Park some of them saw it as art, some of them saw it as an blinding eyesore but the cold hard facts is that it generated $254 million economic activity. So does it really matter if you liked it or not?

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hey! you got nice pictures I enjoy viewing them and you have the right choice of your subject that captivates the taste of art lovers. Congrats good job!

Posted by: Mowie | Sep 25, 2006 9:44:39 AM

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