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Saturday, September 24, 2005

It's just an ugly old barn


Location: Gas City, Indiana on 09/24/05 @ 8:52:42 AM

Everywhere you look in Indiana there is another barn to shoot. It was actually starting to rain while I was setting up the tripod for this morning shot. I had a farmer come up to me and ask what I was doing. I think he was afraid that I was surveying his land for a new Walmart or something, because he was not very friendly. When I explained that I just wanted a shot of his beautifully weathered barn at which he replied with a shrug, “It’s just an ugly old barn. Are you sure that’s what your doing?” I got a quick couple shots and thanked him before the downpour, plus I could still tell that he didn’t believe my story. More Event Photos > < Previous Day<<>>

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I love this photo. Isn't it funny what people don't see when it's right under their noses?

Posted by: Firefly | Oct 11, 2005 2:28:33 AM

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