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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Those flames sure are pertty


Location: Fairmont, Indiana on 09/25/05 @ 8:22:22 PM

Today after the rain subsided, we hooked up with a bunch of locals who talked us into coming with them to see the annual Fairmont “Flame Throwing Contest”. I wasn’t sure what to expect in fact I was a picturing guys dressed in camouflage shooting bows with flaming arrows into the night sky. To my delight and surprise it was classic cars that could spit flames several feet and quite entertaining to watch. What’s not to like when you have fire, chrome and the sounds of over pimped engines that could power a small city. Just watching made me want to roll a pack of Marlboros into my sleeve, open a longneck bottle of bud with my teeth and yell out a loud as hell, “Yee-Hahhhh!” More Event Photos > < Previous Day<<>>

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