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March 15, 2005

What's this all about

Currently working with: Maxim, Viceland.com, Complex Magazine, International Swede. Want to use some of my work: contact me. shoofly@dailyabuse.com Where it all started...

I once had a job at a small newspaper and when the "color" photographer got his 4 weeks worth of vacation I was choosen to fill in. I guess since I was an art school drop out, they figured that I might know something about color. HA!

Seemed like the opportunity of a lifetime for a 19 something kid. WRONG!!!! 

The editor at the time only liked really fluffy stuff, he explained to me how news in general was depressing. That people in his community looked forward to their single happy color photo on the cover of their hometown newspaper. And when they arrived home from their boring jobs, that they wanted to be greeted with a "happy" color photo on their door step. Face up.

His formula for photos was as follows:

Spring = Flowers blooming or kids playing outdoors
Summer = Flowers blooming or kids playing around water
Fall = close up of leaves or kids raking (or playing in) leaves
Winter - pretty ice photos or kids building snowmen

Do you know how hard it is to shoot the same god awful things everyday?

I would literarily have to park outside a school and follow kids home, just hopping that they did something interesting enough to shoot. I always wondered if I was in some database somewhere, flagged as a potential pedo. "Watch this guy, he follows kids home, background check says that he is an art school drop out."

Let's just say that I dreaded those days. It was years before I would pick up another camera. Just recently I forked out the money for a decent digital camera and now I prowl the streets, looking for something to shoot. The difference is that it's on my terms.

The formula is as follows: Does it interest me, then shoot it.

With no further bullshit, I introduce you to my new blogging adventure entitle: the Daily Drink. The goal is to shoot and post one photo a day. The subtitle here reads "A photo a day to keep my boredom away".

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