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May 11, 2005

copyright & legal shit

copyright information

If you’d like to use one of my photographs on a personal website, or for any other non-commercial purpose, please ask first; chances are I’ll probably say yes. Alternatively, if you have a commercial interest in any of my images, or would like to commission me for a project of your own, please contact me to discuss licensing and fees.

legal stuff

All text and images, unless otherwise noted, are subject to US and international copyright laws and are the property of Justin Makler © 2003-05. No photograph may be reproduced, copied, stored, manipulated, or used whole or in part of a derivative work, without the written permission of Justin Makler. All rights reserved.

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hi i was at mars2112 on friday night for the ABBA event. i was in the purple dress. i cant remember what the website was named to view and purchase the pics. could you possibly email me the link or address?
greatly appreciated


Posted by: josephine | Nov 22, 2005 7:18:07 PM

I think therefore I don't know.

There is no solution. there is no answer to

any problem. better yet, there are only answers

and no questions that aren't already answered

in the tiny creep of the mind. Life is total

mystery, never to be touched. Get it?. . .No?

Ok, that's a start!!

Posted by: Kuru el Mangila | Dec 9, 2006 2:30:29 PM