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April 11, 2005


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Casie R

I have been to this place meny times, and i have heard meny different stories. Mostly i heard it was an old gangster's house. i have not partied out there, but i have hicked out there quite a bit, i think it is so peaceful land pretty. i have never had any ghostly experences, i have never even seen another person out there besides me. but the point is that i have always wondered what the story behind the place was and have not be successful in my investigation, so i think that the fact that you found all this out is really cool. I am glad i stumble on this sight, i was actually tring to find some info on the place, and know i have. Thanks alot.
p.s i don't know if you have been out there lately, but it is getting worse. the trees are falling everywhere and destroying what is left, it is really quite sad.


I thought your info on the hartford castle ia great,I have lived in Hartford all of my life and deer hunted and rabbit hunted there for years and never heard the true story......thanks


does anyone know who owns this now??


is it legal for anyone to pull in and browse around the lakeview property? should i contact anyone or ask for permission, and if so, whom? thanks alot.
p.s. i'm a huge history nut and like to learn about history by visiting the sites.


I grew up in Hartford in the late 50s through the 60s. Many times my buddies and I would walk down the railroad tracks to the castle. You could see the bright red turret rising high above the trees. On several occasions we drifted onto the property but were politely asked to leave by an elderly gentleman. What memories your site brings back. Thank you.


My boyfriend and I and his family went to Lakeview castle today. we had saw some pretty neat thing like the bridges r still standing and one of the old pilars that went to the train station is still standing which is amazing after all these years


Thanks to your pictures and info (and that from Weird Illinois), we went out here today. It took a bit of trampling around in the woods and swamp to find the trail, but once we found it, we realized where we should have entered all along. The lion and the pagoda are still there - partially immersed in the swamp. Saw the remnants of an old garage perhaps (???) and a top of a cook-stove, a few wells and/or other holes in the ground, and were amazed at the circling, multi-directional cement walk-ways around the property. As mentioned, the area is extremely overgrown... but this is a site well-worth the branches and brambles. Wish I could have been around to tour it - or even just see it from afar - in its glory. The bridge remnants are nothing to cross over, but there are logs to try to use to balance your way across.


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