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June 03, 2005



Cuba Road Ghost Car: Sometime around the mid 90's (1993 - 1995) in Novemeber during a Thanksgiving break in college me and a good buddy of mine were driving up and down Cuba Rd like a bunch of morons. Just a bunch of 18/19 yr old bored college kids with nothing better to do. We must have drove the whole stretch of Cuba Rd that night. Cuba Rd is very eerie indeed. There always seem to be mist on the road that we like to nickname "steamers."

Anyway, on this particular night we were riding in my Dad's 1991 F-150 Pickup truck with cab. We had pretty much been down the whole stretch of Cuba Rd. I believe we had hit Rt 14 and decided to go back down Cuba Rd heading East when I decided you know what...we have had enough so let's make a quick turn around and go back to Rt 14 and head home. I turned around at some side street which I now know as Harbor Dr made a U-Turn and headed West on Cuba Rd going back towards Rt 14. As soon as I turned onto Cuba Rd going towards Rt 14 a car with bright headlights was coming towards me. We hadn't seen any cars all night so it was surprising to see someone coming. No big deal I thought until the speed the car was traveling seemed fast. I said to my buddy...hey this guy is flying up on our ass. My friend looked in the side mirror and agreed. The guy or ghost car was right behind the pickup truck...luckily I was nearing the stoplight at Rt 14. I, in a panic, started to go faster and so did this guy. I have always been into muscle cars and old cars and to this day which has been almost 10 yrs later have always told my friends that the guy I saw that night was a old black or dark green Pontiac or Oldsmobile. It's very creepy to read the story above and realize the car is a Pontiac GTO. I have no doubt in my mind now that's what we saw. So as we get to the stoplight at Rt 14 I decide to make a left hand turn and ask my friend who's the asshole driving in the car behind us. He says no one is behind us! I said what do you mean...well is he nexct to us...and he said no!!! I said...c'mon the guy could't have disappeared!!! He was right behind us and we would have seen him turn around or make a right hand turn at the light. The guy or ghost car was gone. To this day it's the creepiest thing I have ever experienced. You want to find the ghost car I suggest checking out the strip of Cuba between Rt 59 and Rt 14. What's funny is W Flynn Creek Rd is located in that stretch of Road which matches the story. I'm finding all this out for the 1st time some 10 years later. Very weird!!!


I saw 2 kids walking down the yellow line of Barrington Rd carring suitcases, I almost hit them and swerved. When I looked in my rear view mirror to check on them they were gone. This was just north of Cuba Rd on Barrington Rd. Around 1987ish.


Earlier today my friend was telling me about how she was driving down Cuba Road a few nights ago with some of her friends when this black car came up behind them. They got a little nervous and they actually wanted to get themselves a little scared. They slow down and try to get it to pass. It didn't. They tried again and eventually the car passed but since it was night they couldn't see anyone in the car. it moved past them and kept on driving, somewhere along the road they just lost sight of it or it dissapeared


my mom ran over possims on cuba road

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its so so so so scary...SIKE..dat shit is butty i was not scard at all..lol..suck as dick


Deedee took us down cuba road and was too scared so she went flying down at 100mph. NERD!


Today me and a couple friends decided to check out what was so scary about Cuba Road. I called one of my friends to find out how to get there and she said there was a dirt road off of cuba road that was the real road. So we got onto Cuba road and we kept driving back and forth looking for this dirt road. We couldn't find it but we just kept drving on Cuba road hoping something different would show up like my friend said. when we finally got close to the end of Cuba road, where a lot of random BIG houses were. We all of a sudden noticed someone high tailing us (on are asses). I looked at my boyfriend and he was looking in his mirror and was laughing because he thought it was some guy trying to scare us. The car looked just like the car in the picture. I don't know what kind of car it was but it had the four hidelights. Then my Boyfriend tried to speed up to get rid of him then we just lost focuss and forgot about the car then in the matter of 1 minute the car was gone. I got home wanting to see what i could find about this road. I came along this cite and i was amazed and a little freaked. I didn't believe it but i no for a fact that was the car i saw.


i went to cuba road and saw many weird things. there was a fog which sared the bagibers out of me. my freind venz saw a house at 3 am but no one else saw it. o and i also saw jesus

Matt Gillen

i live in Lake Zurich, IL. on Deerpath which is a street off of Cuba Road right by Rainbow Road and the White Cemetary. my buddys and i always go driving up and down it late at night. weve never incountered any strange things, but it is a very creppy ride. and i do believe in all the tales.




Does anyone know how to get to the insane assylum on rainbow rd?

Matt Gillen

they tore it down justin.


did you know where it was located?


2 years ago me and my 3 friends went down to cuba rd to check it out...I know all the stories and have been there many time before by myself. I've seen a couple creepy things but nothin like that night. Me and my friends took a driving trip to a lot of the main hot spots. We drove past white cemetary which the gates were closed so we desided to drive on but we got all the way to rt 14 and desided to drive back and get out there... as we got to the cemetary the gates were open. No one around so we walked in....we didnt see much but heard laughing in the backgroud like a little kid or something so we said fuck it and left... we drove down to rainbow rd and went to see the old insane asylum which is closed off but we desided to go in and take a look weheard noises and my one of my friends got scared so we started to walk back to the car before cops came..... we didnt make it in that far..we could still see the car. so as we walked back my friend Amanda said something to me and then we all heard a big bang like someone smashed in a car.... I thought it was mine so i started to run to it... nothin.. but as my friends circled the car..Amanda screamed and startedto point at the hood. I went to her and there on the hood was a handprint... not a normal one..I mean not a human one but a boney one you could see where the bones were... creepy as hell... we stared at it for a few moment and heard a car far down the rode so we jumped in drove off... we never turned back..... it was scaring...


I know where the insane asylum was.... after u turn off of cuba rd on to rainbow rd... go all the way down till it makes a 90 degree turn in the road... a farm house should be on the corner on the right.... and there should be a gate to a house on the corner to your left.... thats where it was....

you do know that there was no insane asylum. thats in chicago off of west irving park road. that was a mob house on rainbow road


I want to go there but i don't know I might meet myself lol

Gregory Jansyn

So last night Sunday October 26 two buddies and I decided to go and investigate Cuba Roads white cemetery. We got there at about 11:45 and decided to hop the fence, which in no way am I suggesting to anyone because it is illegal and you will be arrested or fined if caught trespassing after dark, well anyway here’s what happened... I brought my digital camera along to see if we could catch any orbs floating around. I started to snap pictures everywhere of my friends and up close of old tomb stones, about 15 minutes into this we saw lights of an on coming car about to pass on Cuba road so we ducked down and hid behind a large bush in case it was the police since we did not want to get caught trespassing. I’m pretty sure there’s no way that the car could have spotted us but as the black unidentified vehicle which looked like a muscle car passed the cemetery, it let out one of the loudest revs I have ever heard. I mean this was 3 times louder then a hemi and the car flipped a U turn and continued to pass by about 5 times letting out a loud rev of the engine every time it passed before it finally disappeared down Cuba road as if it were guarding or protecting the cemetery. This was enough to scare us and we all ran towards the fence and got the heck out of there. Then later on that night we started to scroll through my camera to check and see if we caught any orbs. Out of the 20 some pictures I took only one orb showed up at exactly 12:00 which my camera tells you the time and was the last one before we spotted the car. The photo was of my buddy and the orb was directly in the middle of his chest and even more mysterious I had taken about 6 or 7 pictures of up close old tomb stones and they were all deleted only leaving pictures of my friends and one of the cemetery as a whole. I’m sure there’s a good explanation for all of this but that’s the true story no strings attached.


I've been on cuba road a couple of times before myself. my friends and i saw that old chemetery. i never really saw anything creepy on the road. honestly, do you really see a black car driving pass?


Thease stories have been around 4-ever. My friends and I used to go Cuba when I was in H.S. in 1978 there used to be an old house that either caught on fire or never finnished getting built. It was on Cuba Road, The house was a very lage two story home on a hill, with a winding staircase, a fireplace, and in one of the bathrooms someone had thrown red paint (to look like blood) and wrote stuff in it. We would go alot and hang out untill the police came and send us on our way. We would take my Dads 76 Lincoln town car, and bottom it out flying over the hills. Does anyone remember that houses? If so do you know if died in it?


I lived at 92 rainbow rd for 10 years. 1988-1998. In ten years nothing scary happened except teenagers who would run around the property. Other than that I never saw any thing scary but 1 time I heard some noises.


Ok to everyone who sees the car behind them and then it disappears.....its not a ghost ive done this before....cuba road is a very very dark road all u do is drive on someones ass shut off your lights don't hit your breaks and it appears that car just disappeaerd. now you know its not a ghost.


lol matt, thats exactly what i was thinking really happens all the time, but some ppl just spook themselves out and i think its all psychological because they go down the road after hearing stories about it....


I've gone down Cuba road sooo many times. Nothing scary ever happened until last week. My friend and I went down there at like 11 pm. we were driving and right after we passed the cemetery brake lights appeared in front of us. When we drove passed where the car woldve been, it was gone. Then 3 seconds later was behind us and then also "disappeared". When we got to the end where you either have to make a right of left, the sign said "666" in red paint with a creep ass smiley face. I know it was most likely some stupid teenagers trying to scare people but it scared the fuck out of me

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